About Fixup

We're a team of passionate entrepreneurs who have personally experienced the consequences of neglecting our skin.

I’m Chris, co-founder of Fixup. I’ve had risky moles removed before the age of 30 and struggled with acne. I wanted to create a product that would help others improve their health. And, be fun — not clinical or complicated, and nothing bro-ey or boring like a Gillette commercial.

I’m tired of complicated routines, fake promises about eye creams, and expensive foaming face washes that never seem to make a real difference.

I also want a product that’s truly designed for men. Looks fantastic in my bathroom. And, actually does something for my skin. 

And so, Fixup was born. An all-in-one moisturizer that helps hydrate, protect, and reduces blemishes (razor burn, redness, or pesky pimples). The goal is to encourage self-care, boost confidence, and make it easy for men to look after their skin.

Chris is joined by Chris Doe, Co-Founder and CTO, Mr. Doe is the other Chris in this determined duo. He leads the charge with everything technical, ensuring a world-class digital brand that offers the smoothest online experience (to match the smoothness of our moisturizer…). With more than 10+ years of design and development, and a number of successful businesses under his belt, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.