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What’s the Future of Fixup?

We have big plans for Fixup, and we want you to be part of them. Here are some of the goals we have for the future of our brand:

  • Expand globally. We want to make Fixup available to men all over the world, especially in regions where men’s skincare faces really challenging stigma and stereotypes. We want to partner with local distributors and retailers who share our vision and values, and who can help us reach new markets and customers.
  • Create different kinds of moisturizers. We want to offer more choices for folks who have different skin tones, skin types, or live in different climates. We want to develop more variants, exploring more anti-aging ingredients (all natural of course!). We also want to create different formulas for day time and night time to suit different needs and routines.
  • Go beyond moisturizers. We want to explore other categories of skincare products that men need and want, such as chapsticks, hair products, or body lotions. We want to apply the same principles of simplicity, effectiveness, and fun that we use for our moisturizer, and create products that are innovative and enjoyable.

By choosing Fixup, you are not only getting a great product that will improve your skin health and appearance, but also joining us on our journey to grow and improve our brand. 

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