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The Sustainability of a Glass Bottle

One of the features that makes Fixup unique and eco-friendly is that it comes in a glass bottle, instead of a plastic one. This was incredibly important to us because:
  • Glass is recyclable and reusable. Glass can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality or purity, unlike plastic, which degrades over time and can only be recycled a few times. 

  • Glass is safer and healthier. Glass does not leach harmful chemicals into your product, unlike plastic, which can release toxins such as BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Glass also preserves the freshness and potency of our product, unlike plastic, which can degrade or oxidize moisturizers over time.

  • Glass is more durable and elegant. Glass is more resistant to scratches, cracks, or dents than plastic, which can break or deform easily. 

  • And lastly, glass just looks better. It has a sleek and sophisticated look, and a gentle weight that makes it an absolute pleasure to use each morning. 

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